RPE Hire


Powered RPE offers a plethora of advantages over conventional passive dust protection.

Full head and face protection

Lightweight helmet replaces your existing PPE helmet, Eyewear and dust Protection.

12 Hour Battery Life

Battery can be charged to full capacity in 3.5 hours, and the belt pack features both an audible low battery alarm and an LED display indicating remaining battery life

Exchangeable filters

Filters can easily be changed out either for different applications or when they start to restrict airflow. An audible alarm sounds when airflow drops below an acceptable level


Comms can be integrated with RPE helmets ensuring that effective communication is not compromised in dusty low visibility environments.


Fully adjustable supension that includes textile straps for optimal fit and weight distribution. Helmet is lightweight and motor sits on belt pack spreading weight across the strongest part of the body

Cool Airflow

Adjustable deflector allows the user to direct the airflow inside the helmet, ensuring maximum comfort in hot environments

Why take the risk?

RPB powered rpe blue hat

RPB - Blue Helmet

Respirator helmet with full neck scarfe

3M versaflo white helmet with torch

Versaflo white Helmet

3M Versaflo helmet with focusable head torch

setcom full duplex bluetooth headset under RPB helmet

RPB White helmet

White RPB helmet combined with SETCOM full duplex comms.

peltor dect com II with RPB powered rpe respirator

RPB White helmet

RPB White helmet combined with DECT COM II and lightweight headset

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