RPB powered respirator rpe


At High Motive we are always looking for new items to stock our hire fleet and RPB fits this bill. With the rise in awareness of the dangers of Silicosis the need for Positive airfed respirators on rail sites has increased exponentially. Just one look at the contents of a respirator filter after a ballast drop perfectly illustrates why this technology should be mandated.

There are a number of Respirators on the market but we believe that RPB is by far the best. The Helmets are rugged, with a variety of interchangeable visors and neck-scarves. They also feature a removable padded head piece to ensure maximum comfort. Helmets are available in Black, white and Blue to mirror the existing Rail Helmet colour system. The RPB Respirator can also be used in conjunction with either DECT COM II or SETCOM headsets ensuring that communications are not lost.

We have trialled RPB extensively and it has proven itself to be a perfect solution for Rail applications.