Radio Hire


Back to back radio hire

Radio hire has been the core of our business since the beginning. No matter how large or complex your job we can provide you with the latest generation digital hand portable radios

Bespoke Srvice

No two jobs are the same, with geography and infrastructure having huge influence on radio signals. We programmed channels and frequencies for every job to ensure that we provide the best coverage possible for each individual site.

Marker Board to marker board coverage

If your job site exceed the max transmission distance for a hand portable radio then we can install a system that ensures total radio coverage. Regardless of whether you need 2 km of coverage or 15km we can do it.

Tunnel Systems

Working in a tunnel and need effective communication back to the SAC? We can install a temporary system for your possession that can be tailored to your specific needs. We have installed radio systems in some of the longest rail tunnels in the UK.

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Voice Recording

We have the ability to record and store all radio traffic for an entire site. This provides and accurate, traceable chain of evidence should an incident occur


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Train Shunting

Also know as "comfort tone" can be used for moving trains. It is preferable to voice command  as the user does not need to keep transmitting vocally every few seconds.


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Porthkerry tunnel
Install at Marley Tunnel
Birkett Tunnel
Severn Tunnel
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