Myzone proximity warning system


Over recent years a number of proximity warning systems have entered the market place, however they all focused on warning the machine operator that people had entered the exclusion zone, either by flashing light or Siren. We found this troublesome for a couple of reasons. Firstly the operator should be concentrating on operating the machine without distraction, and secondly flashing lights and sirens are not always the most effective alerts in dusty, noisy environments. A better solution was required:

MYZONE puts the responsibility on the pedestrian by attaching a small receiver to their helmet. If they enter a machine’s exclusion zone (distance for this can vary from machine to machine) their receiver will vibrate, alerting them that they are in a dangerous area. The machine operator is free to work without any distraction.

We are starting to use MYZONE on our jobs and have found it to be an excellent system, with great potential to bring accidents on site down to a minimum. We are certain that in the future it will be the norm on every rail site.