Sanitising Units

Sanitisation Solutions

Covid 19 has highlighted just how important effective sanitising procedures are for the health and well-being of our community. At High Motive we take the sanitising of our hire kit very seriously. All of our kit is pre-sanitised using alcohol sanitising wipes. Once completed we sanitise all items using our ozone sanitising machines. The items are then packed and sealed in sterile, single use plastic packaging before being delivered to the customer.


We hire cutting-edge gaseous Ozone sanitisation devices with powerful ozone and UV cleansing and filtering systems. These are designed to kill viruses, bacteria and germs. Sterilising, deodorising and drying your kit. Gaseous ozone has been proven to be effective at denaturing micro-organisms ranging from viruses to bacteria and germs. The sanitising machines use gaseous zone concentrations of around 1.5ppm with programs lasting from 10 to 180 minutes.